Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
Fees Structure for Leading Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan Session 2016-2017 (English Medium)
Revised as on 4th April 2016
Kyrgyzstan state Medical University, Bishkey, Kyrgyz Republic
Tution Fee Hostel Misc Charge One Time Charge Total for 1stYr Total for 2ndYr Total for Course
US$ US$ US$ US$ US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs.
2,700 300 100 2,700 5,800 348,000 3,100 186,000 21,300 1,278,000
Jalalabad State University, Jalalabad, Kyrgyz Republic
Tution Fee Hostel Misc Charge One Time Charge Total for 1stYr Total for 2ndYr Total for Course
US$ US$ US$ US$ US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs.
1,950 250 100 3,200 5,500 330,000 2,300 138,000 17,000 1,020,000
Osh State Medical Institute,Osh, Kyrgyz Republic
Tution Fee Hostel Misc Charge One Time Charge Total for 1stYr Total for 2ndYr Total for Course
US$ US$ US$ US$ US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs. US$ IN Rs.
2,200 200 100 3,000 5,500 330,000 2,500 150,000 18,000 1,080,000
    NOTE- 1US$=Rs. 60.00             1RMB=Rs.10.00      1Philippine Pesos=Rs. 1.40

Steps for Admission

  • Invitation /admission letter from the university.
  • Confirmation of admission in the university.
  • Translation of all certificates and documents (whenever applicable)
  • Attestation of documents and certificates from H.R.D ministry, Govt. of India.
  • Attestation of documents & certificates from ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Medical certificate confirming absence of HIV after the proper test.
  • Apply in M.C.I to seek the eligibility certificate (for medical students).
  • General medical health certificate after proper test.
  • Arranging foreign exchange at lowest possible rates.
  • Arranging air ticket at lowest rates.
  • Visa formalities.
  • Arrange for your arrival & all processing in the destination country and the institute.
  • Arrange for your admission in the hostel as well as the institution
  • Try to keep a watch and ward of your child in the destination country
  • Application form of the institution duly filled.
  • 15 passport photographs (4.5 X4cms- white back ground 75% face with out cap or specs)
  • Valid passport.
  • Board certificate of 10th class. (D.O.B certificate).
  • Marks certificate of 10th class
  • Marks certificate 11th class
  • Marks certificate 12th class.
  • PCC incase of admission to Philippines.
  • Date of Birth certificate issued by the government authorities.
  • Bank statement for last 6 months showing a balance of Rs 250000/= or above

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ'S )

Are these universities ABROAD recognized by India?

Yes, however the best method is to get things verified before you proceed. Verify things like status of the recognition of degree & institution awarding the degree for safety of your future from concerned Govt. Offices, Embassy of the concerned Country / the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India & other Govt. sources (like for medical related courses from Medical Council of India (MCI) & for non medical courses status of the recognition of degree & institution from AICET, DGCA etc.)

Will it be necessary to learn local language, even if the student has joined the English medium course?

For the medical studies, the first three years consist of pre-clinical training and is more lectures oriented. The preclinical subjects are taught completely in the English language. However, there are language classes as a part of the curriculum from the first year itself. This is necessary since from the fourth year, the student would start his / her clinical subjects, which would require him / her to attend the clinics and hospital as part of training and would have to interact with the local patients and hence would require knowing the local language. Also the knowledge of the local language in an added asset for the student to interact with local population.

What is the title of the degree?

M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) Different countries have different names for the same degree. Like Russia & all CIS countries call it M.D (Doctor of Medicine), China calls it MB (Bachelor of Medicine). But all these degrees are equivalent to MBBS in India.

What is screening test?

National Board of Examinations conducts "Screening test" that MCI has introduced has three papers 1. Non-clinical 2. Clinical 3. Para-clinical and is Multiple-Choice type questions. You will have to obtain 50% to pass. Once you pass this examination, you will be awarded a registration with the MCI. With this registration you will undergo one year Internship / practice at a Hospital in India. After this internship is completed, you will be get permanent registration by MCI or the State Medical Boards. Screening test is being conducted by National Board of Examination, Govt. of India twice every year.

What time will it take for admission?


What are the chances of securing scholarship?

In the case of scholarship, the chances depend on merit as well as timing of the application. Certain countries/universities do NOT award scholarship in advance but may consider awarding scholarship, depending on the performance of the student.